The Ponderosa R/C Hawks was formed in May 1981. The first meeting was held at Bill Lagos house in South Berwick. Members were then flying at Marshwood H.S. in South Berwick. Thus the name Hawks was derived. Flying time was limited due to many events at the school so our next field was relocated near Knights Pond - an airstrip owned by Herb Nowell. The field was approx. 1000x80 and the R/C field was 400x80. It was already named the Ponderosa Field thus that part of our name was found. It was the official name on FAA charts.

The Club was AMA Chartered in May 1983 and had 25 members at that time. Our monthly meetings were held the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7p.m. at the High School to further understand what is involved in this sport.

The founding Fathers were: Merle Bickford, President,. Paul Gnirk Vice-Pres. Al Syvinski Sec., Bonnie Syvinski. Treas.

Herb Nowell gave permission to use the Airstrip and accepted $50.00 for use of the field along with him mowing the field for us. With his desire to see the club grow, we started improvements. A storage building, soon became the Snack Shack was built. Electricity was provided from Herbs own water pump meter connection. A refrigerator was donated. A control tower was later constructed thanks to member donations.

In 1983, our annual Fly-a-thon, traditionally held every Sunday before Memorial Day which brought Model Aviation to the public. It was a huge success with over 1000 spectators and competition matches, which promoted the sport. Variety was added with full-scale aircraft, ultra-lights, etc. Along with demos by professional pilots around. The local cable TV network also filmed it.

But all Good things must come to an end. After 9 yrs, tax increases forced Herb to sell his property and we relocated to a field on upper 6th St in Dover N.H. After a couple years we were again forced to move to our present location at the Tuckahoe Sod Farm, first off Ridlon Rd. and now off Hubbard Rd. in Berwick, Me. We made several location changes over the years at the Sod Farm, and we have been very fortunate to be able to stay there to the present day. After all the field work is done, we feel that the present site will be the best ever for us with an almost 600 ft main runway and a 400 plus cross runway. Sadly, Herb Nowell passed away in June 2001 at his home in Sylvania, Ga. He was a very important part of this club. Without his dedication and generosity the Ponderosa Hawks would not exist today. Another long time member and President for many years was Fred Daniels of Dover, NH. He gave tirelessly for many years of his time and money to support us and promote us. Our membership was very high and there was strong support during his presidency. Our present President, Jack Turner has taken the lead in helping to create the new field and promote our growth. In these days of gas prices and economy problems for many, and older member leaving us, it has become a challenge to maintain our member ship list, but we are committed and believe this field and this club to be one of the best in the area.

Anyone interested in joining or needing help in building or learning to fly, please feel free to contact us.